Today we’re going to learn to edit sound using Audacity and add it to the animations we’ve been working on.  Audacity is a free audio editing program for Mac and PC.  It’s functionality is a bit more limited than programs like Logic Studio or Pro Tools, but it will work fine for this class.

Download Audacity

First let’s take a look at some of the basics of digital audio files.

Analog and Digital Audio Recording

You may want to make your audio, but one easy to way to get free sound files is the website  You will need to make a login to download audio files.  Once you have a login, you can preview sounds, search for different sounds and download them.  When you look at the download page you will see the file type, bit depth and sample rate of each audio file.  For now, it’s best to use .wav and .aiff files, which are higher quality than .mp3, and are compatible with Audacity and Photoshop.

Once you have downloaded the file, you can import it directly into Photoshop or you can make some edits in Audacity and then import it into Photoshop.