MMP 100: Introduction to Multimedia


MMP 100: Introduction to Digital Media

Professor Owen Roberts
Office Hrs: Tuesday 2pm-3pm location TBA

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of multimedia production. In a hands-on class, students will learn the essentials of program design and authoring software in an integrated computer environment. Students will learn how to combine graphics, audio and text to create programs for industrial and educational applications.


Title: HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites
Author: Jon Duckett
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1118008188



Teacher evaluation and class performance: 10%
Homework assignments: 40%
Midterm project: 20%
Final project: 30%

20% will be taken off any assignments handed in late.

Outline of Topics

  • Multimedia and the Internet: client/server protocols, http, ftp
  • Creating HTML documents with a text editor
  • Formatting text in Multimedia with CSS
  • 2D Graphics for Multimedia: RGB color, Photoshop
  • Project development for Multimedia:
    • project descriptions, wire frames and site maps
  • Animation in Multimedia
  • Sound for Multimedia: recording, editing in Audacity
  • Video for Multimedia
  • Intellectual property rights, copyright laws
  • Project Management

Weekly Breakdown
Week One:

  • Introductions
  • Overview of multimedia
  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Overview of how the Internet works
  • Basic HTML syntax
  • First HTML document
  • Naming conventions for HTML documents
  • Assignment 1

Week Two:

  • Writing HTML code in Sublime
  • HTML elements for text and images
  • The anchor tag- creating links
  • Internet protocols: http, ftp
  • Assignment 2

Week Three:
Site structure
Review of HTML elements
Assignment 3
Week Four:
Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
Syntax of a CSS Rule
CSS Properties for text
Embedded styles
Assignment 4
Week Five:
CSS properties for margins, padding and borders
Box model in CSS
Linking external stylesheets
More HTML elements
Assignment 5
Week Six:
Color spaces: RGB and CMYK
Bitmap graphics and resolution
Using Photoshop to edit images
Photoshop as a design tool
Intellectual property rights, copyright laws
Review of HTML and CSS
Assignment 6
Week Seven:
Midterm Project Workshop

Week Eight:
Midterm Project Presentations
Animation intro

Week Nine:
Using the timeline to create animations
Motion tweens and shape tweens
Assignment 7

Week Ten:
Sound Overview: Properties of sound
Digitizing sound: Bit depth and sample rate
Using Audacity to edit sound
Incorporating sound into Animation

Assignment 8

Week Eleven:

Video Overview: Properties of video
Incorporating video into Animation
Discussion of Final Project
Review of HTML and CSS basics
Styling navigation with CSS
Assignment 9

Week Twelve:
More about page layout with CSS: 2 column layout
Project management
Project proposals- the creative brief
Creating wireframes
Reading Assignment: Read Project Management Handouts on Blackboard

Week Thirteen:
Final Project Workshop
Week Fourteen:
Final Project Workshop

Week Fifteen:
Final Project Presentations