Now that we have spent some time working on a prototype for the portfolio sites, take a minute to think about the design choices you have been working with and how they have worked or could be improved.  You should look at other examples of sites that you like, and compare them to the current state of your portfolio.  Take some time to decide what parts of your site are good and which ones need work.  Then start preparing a document to describe the final direction for your portfolio and WordPress theme.  When the the templates are finished they should work as your personal portfolio and also be useful as a theme for other designers/developers to work with.

To help with the planning of your site we focused on planning out three areas:

  1. Audience
  2. Design Direction
  3. Layout

This assignment is to turn in the documents created during that process.  Using your own site as well as other examples of sites your like, use screen shots, mockups and drawings to show your process and describe the end goal.

Document 1: Audience and Design Direction

This is a Powerpoint (or Keynote or other slide presentation) You can export it as a PDF if you like. After the title slide the next slide should describe your audience. You have a primary and secondary audience. The primary audience is the people who are making a site and would decide to use your theme. The secondary audience is the people who will see the site.

After the audience add in the slides about the design direction. They should cover the four areas we outlined in class:

  1. Overal Concept
  2. Layout
  3. Responsive layouts
  4. Typography
  5. Color
  6. Media

Submitting the Assignment

Attach the documents to the Final Project Proposal on Blackboard.


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